Target Hardening

Theam Security have installed numerous target hardening schemes for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Property Management Companies.

We act either on an existing survey or do our own survey which can be carried out by our Home Office trained surveyor on the client’s behalf. The aim of the exercise is to specifically cut down on burglaries and / or vandalism in a specific area.

Our survey will identify the areas in need of attention and the best and most cost effective method of achieving the client’s requirements. Apart from individual properties, areas commonly covered are multi-occupancy entrance doors, bin store, meter cupboard doors and parking areas. Target hardening schemes are also relevant to industrial and retail areas.

Colour coated Anti-Climb Guard, ideal for protecting walls, gates and any type of fence.

Examples include schools, industrial sites, sports and leisure areas, car parks plus domestic use.

The anti-climb guard eliminates any stable platform or foothold that opportunists may use to gain access to a building.

Burglaries are becoming all too commonplace in the current economic climate and here at Theam Security we have an ever increasing work load in treating areas of crime.

Target hardening refers to the strengthening of the security of an individual premises or a group of premises in close proximity, with a view to reducing or minimising the risk of attack.

In order to help you minimise risk, a member of our trained team can visit your premises and carry out a comprehensive survey.