Window Film

The Theam range of blast mitigation window film is specifically designed to protect against injury from flying glass following bomb blasts and industrial explosions. The film is approved to BS EN 12600 and independent tests have proven its effectiveness in an explosion. It also provides protection vandalism and theft.


Available in thicknesses from 50 micron to 350 micron clear or tinted finishes this film not only protects but can also be aesthetically pleasing.

We can arrange a site survey to be completed and discuss the various options available and how the film should be fixed to the glazing.

Our fade protection window film is specially designed to provide protection against damage caused by ultra-violet rays, visible light and infra-red heat in museums, shops and offices. At least 99% of UV rays are filtered out and substantially reduces transmission of infra-red heat and visible light whilst at the same time does not diminish the display environment.

Our solar control window film is specifically designed to increase comfort and productivity plus save on the cost of air conditioning by reducing the amount of transmitted heat and glare. The window film also goes a long way in helping to achieve compliance with UK and European health and safety regulations.

There is an extensive range of reflective, semi-reflective and non-reflective tints and thicker variations up to 350 micron. This enables solutions for protection against personal impact, bomb blast or industrial explosions, vandalism and theft as well as heat and glare which is provided with one installation